Starz Fundraising

Present Fundraising Opportunities

Lucky Starz Lottery – January 2017

Upcoming Fundraising Opportunities

Spring Spaghetti Dinner – Information coming soon!

All Star Hit-A-Thon – Information coming soon!

Bake Sale – Information coming soon!

Local Restaurant Nights – Information coming soon!


Past Fundraising Opportunities

Lucky Starz Lottery – May 2016

Lucky Starz Lottery – February 2016

Lucky Starz Lottery – November 2015

Lucky Starz Lottery – March 2015

Lucky Starz Lottery – January 2015

Major Corporate Sponsorships

Please see the sponsorship portion of the website for more information about this subject.

If you are a parent looking for talking path or organizational information to provide a potential major corporate sponsor please email Kevin Ream for those items.  They can be tailored to contain whatever information you think will be specifically required for your contact.